6 thoughts on “Live a Second Life, this time in your fantasies!

  1. archntech says:

    Second life is a virtual world to which people have diverging opinions. In the beginning people thought this was the next big thing, but now… it seems that it has something missing.
    That being said, i did read some studies about using this virtual world for testing… like for safety procedures. Don´t ask me how that works, seeing that people can fly on Second Life…
    I also saw its use for testing 3d models for architecture and construction.
    Other than that, I see it as a place for people to create alternate realities… like a deep dive into their ideal worlds…
    Very interesting that you analyze this environment!!

    • Interesting to see how this virtual world has been used in different areas! I read that its lighting effects also has been used to study photography techniques.
      As you also mentioned, I’ve heard that it has not evolved into its ideal shape and nowadays it is considered somehow a cheap social network.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. I know several people that taught their online version of Interpersonal Communication solely through and within Second Life. I tried it a few weeks ago, and it all seemed a bit odd to me. The controls were not fully intuitive, the conversations seemed like sordid encounters in a dive bar, and the whole realm seemed somewhat sexualized in a weird way (if I can say that). I did fly around for a while, and that was neat. However, I could find other venues to get my video-game kick if I really needed it. I’m not sure how to think about the whole thing … but I do know that there have been several studies on it as a medium/context for interaction.

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